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Hatched.Ai is a groundbreaking trading card game like no other — combining AI technology and blockchain features.

Collect and hatch cards to build your deck to compete in ranked and unranked game modes. Incubate eggs to hatch a card every 24 hours. Every card is AI-generated, including their health, power, and even their name and stunning card art. Every egg hatching is a surprise, shaped by a matrix of mystery.

Use blockchain wizardry to craft your favorite — or most lucrative — cards into NFTs. Continue to use your NFT cards in-game, export them to your Wallet for safekeeping, or sell them on the Market. Collect and import NFT cards right back into the game, and export them any time.


Hatched NFTs are on AtomicHub

With AI-enhanced smart contracts, players can craft (mint) their favorite — or most lucrative — cards into real NFTs. Crafted cards can be kept in your collection to use in game play, or export them to your personal crypto wallet for safekeeping or to put on the market. View the growing collection on AtomicHub.

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Connect with the Hatched community and developers on our official Discord server. By joining, you'll have access to the latest Beta builds and direct support where you can share feedback and ask questions. Click the join button below!


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